A powerful tool for creating articles and posts on social networks.

Monograph is a versatile text editor designed for creating beautifully formatted articles and posts on any social networks. Whether you’re a blogger, group manager, or simply enjoy writing, Monograph makes it easy to create professional-looking content. It allows you to publish articles instantly on platforms like Telegram and Facebook without loading delays. With features like anonymous authorship, customizable formatting, and the ability to insert images, Monograph is an ideal tool for expressing your thoughts and sharing longreads. Additionally, Monograph can be used as a notepad for taking notes or for creating a website or product/service presentation page.

What is it?

Monograph is a simple and powerful text editor for creating articles and posts on social networks. It will help you write formatted articles or messages and publish them on any social network or messenger. If you publish such an article on Telegram or Facebook, it will open instantly without loading from the network. In other social networks, the link to the article in a post or message will be displayed as a beautiful card. The article size is unlimited, making Monograph ideal for writing longreads.

For whom?

First and foremost, this application is designed for beautifully and conveniently formatting articles. Text formatted in Monograph is much easier to read and understand. Therefore, it will be useful for bloggers, those who manage groups and channels on social networks, as well as regular users who enjoy writing articles, sharing travel experiences, and expressing their thoughts.

With Monograph, you can easily create a business card website or presentation page for your product or service. And finally, you can use Monograph as a regular notepad, sharing your notes with anyone.

How to use it?

All your articles are in one place. On the main screen, all articles are displayed in a unified list. You can create multiple profiles for different social networks. Creating new articles is straightforward in the text editor. All articles are created anonymously; you choose the author’s name. After saving an article, you get a direct link to share anywhere. Articles are automatically saved when you exit the editor. You can start writing an article and continue editing it from another device. Edit or delete previously published articles. You can update the cover image, author’s name, text format, and add images. The list of articles shows the total number of views across all social networks. Detailed statistics by day are also available for any month.

Text Formatting: Choose font styles: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough. Adjust font size. Insert lists, quotes, links, images, and more.

Use Monograph to make your messages look like professional articles! With Monograph, you can format text and write in various styles. You can also insert images anywhere in your article and as many as you’d like.


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